Friday, December 5, 2008

Fantasy Warriors and Magic - Illustrations

In the time before I had started my professional career I spent a lot of my time either taking part in sports activities I enjoyed or working on my artwork.

In the time after high school I really wanted to work in the comic industry, and that eventually was my first professional art job. I worked as a digital colorist for Malibu Comics, which was then bought out by Marvel. Then Marvel shut the house down and shipped all the work to Ireland because it was cheaper. So right after I went to Klasky Chupo to do character Design for Duckman. Which was a whole different story. But that gig was short lived and I ended up doing freelance comic coloring from someone I worked and Malibu/Marvel with.

In the time before that job I focused a lot on my illustration detail and characters complexity. I used a set of Rapideograph pens to ink my pencils. I usually spent most of my day and well into the night riding my bike from place to place spending hours drawing and drinking coffee. In the 90's Ventura had a nice selection of living room style coffee houses. These were great environments for paying little for coffee and spending large amounts of time there. Which allowed for me to focus on the detail I wanted to put into my drawings, potential portfolio.

The first piece of the witch and cat was from 93 and the second was after getting into Malibu and was done in 95. Both are copyright protected under Scott Cattanach.