Wednesday, January 28, 2009

away but good

I have not updated in awhile, i have been working. I have been bustin my ass! But all for good. I am trying to make a new job work, along with my friend and her friends who have put this wonderful thing together. I can not upload work yet, but i can share the link that ginah has given me on the news paper article that was done on the new magazine that is coming out.

I am basically working two jobs right now, my day job and then come home and do the magazine at night. My workouts in the gym have suffered, but this is more important. Especially in this time of job uncertainty. And of course my job well falls into the area of "At Risk". In reality i walk into work each day wondering when they are just going to tell me to go home. So all my extra efforts and energies are going to make all the work I do for the magazine rock!

Here is a link to the article that the news paper has done on the new magazine that will hit the streets in Feb of 09.