Monday, January 12, 2009


Well I have work to do right now. But I want to try and keep with posting. Try and get new images up and in view that I am working on or have worked on. I am happy that I have work to do right now, even though that is after I have gotten off of work. I have multiple illustrations that I have to get done in two weeks. I am not super worried about getting the work done, but I am wondering how much detail I can cram in within the time period. I guess the detail worry is in the coloring. I am going to be using photoshop, as that is what I feel I render best in. If I had the ability to just not do anything but explore painting techniques I would, but I have responsibilities I have to tend to. I like painting but it is not the affect I want for this.

I am really excited about the project. It is a cover and internal illustrations for a new magazine coming out in Las Vegas on the cities life and culture. I was brought into this project by a good friend I use to work with at Applause while doing toy design. I am not going to divulge any details on the cover art or concept until I am given the ok.

Sorry I got a little carried away. The piece I have attached to the blog is a recent piece that I did for a good friend down in Seattle for one of his poems. We have been working together on quite a few creative projects lately and with some great results. This work is for a poem called "Phallic" I will get the ok from Jonathan to upload the poem.