Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This is a sumi brush piece done for a poem by Johnathan Verkat.

Growing up in Ventura, the beach and surfing were pretty important parts of my life. I continued my surfing adventures when in the Air Force stationed in Goldsboro NC. Only about an hour from the beach and having every other day off, my friend Ray and myself spent a very large portion of our time surfing the different beaches along the North Carolina coast. Cape Hatteras was one of the most incredible beaches and swells I have had the joy of surfing. Paddling out the day before the eye of Hurricane Hugo hit was probably one of the craziest things I have done. Category 4 hurricane by the time it hit, category 5 before land fall, there was not a lot to surf being about 4 to 5 foot chop with insane winds. I had to drag my 9' Dewey Weber down the beach as it was impossible to carry. It spun like a propeller behind me. How the boards stayed on top of the car the ride back is beyond me. How I dodged the car that lost control in front of me and started cranking out 360's at 75 mph in blinding rain is a miracle.
As my art career needed time to perfect my skills I had to spend less time in the water. Now living in the pacific northwest in the Puget Sound there is not much surfing to do. I am in the slow process of starting a small side business with my artwork. A lot of the designs revolve around surfing, skating and graffiti. This illustration is one of the t-shirt designs I have completed.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

As cartooning is rooted in my heart, I blended into the graffiti world quite easily. Truth is one of my best friends badgered me for quite a few years before I gave into doing graff with him. Well as a result I am still doing some amount of graff to this day. I am spending more of my energies trying to take what I have learned from the streets and transform it to business. I started writing back in 96 or 97 while living in Ventura ca. I mainly worked on stickers that I freely gave away by the hundreds and spread like a disease across a large area of so cal. To this day I still get requests for some of my oldest stickers from people I do not know. It has been a great experience meeting and getting to know the different artist I have been exposed to through graffiti. The level of thought and creativity that is put into works by the artists I have known I truly inspiring. I would say this design is a tribute to my love for the streets and the people I have met on and from them. This SDC (social deviant culture-or-scott david cattanach) city block illustration has my love for detailed illustrations and cartooning intertwined with the respect I have for the different graff artists I have had the pleasure of meeting and calling friends. This piece is not quite done, it has some more rendering to go. I am using this as a progress piece and will update with finished piece when it is completed.

robot marketing illustration

This is another illustration I did for marketing postcards at work. 

I love drawing goofy cartoon characters. Monkeys have been a sketchbook focus for a couple years now. This is one of the better characters from those drawings. This will be used for a marketing piece at the printing co. that I work for. I have the ability to use my own artwork when creating our marketing.


In this blog you will see and read about projects I am working on for myself or work being done for other projects I involve myself in or have in the past. I have other online presences, but I am going to attempt to keep a current blog on projects. 

I enjoy working in a wide range of styles and mediums. I have a deep root in cartooning and comics above everything else. I have a large amount of stories that I am trying to work and finish among other work. I would say I use the wide range of styles to keep myself interested and not burned out. 

I grew up in Ventura CA, but now live in Everett WA up near seattle. I work as a graphic designer for a print company. While working on all of my other work on the side.